Kitchen Visit / Overthinking Spoken Word Blues

Written by Ramon van Loon on may 22th 2018 – While the smoking cigarette burning heart, brave spirit leaves my body as ashes disappear in sand I slowly woke up to a mockingbirds ‘yelp’ my sight gazed and throat sore from the campfire smoke The burning letters she wrote And … Read More


Written by Ramon van Loon on may 16th 2018 – Nothing fancy just me doing poetry another project but more in depth of my own consciousness Coincidence by the way Chance The Rapper made me feel this way Another person making me feel some way Unfortunately it’s not me feeding … Read More

My Chest

Written by Ramon van Loon on may 16th 2018 – I want to open up speak about the past speak out of love open up my chest be humble, stay low listen more and talk less listen more, talk less have more courage, courage to climb walls, walls to break … Read More

Mothers Eyes

Written by Ramon van Loon on may 12th 2018 – Words Words feed Words feed words Disillusioned and stressed, oppressed Hard to explain to give an explanation to make you go nod to above and below to soil Hard to explain after all these years What had driven me? What … Read More